Work Wear and Denim

The term "jeans" became synonymous with work wear beginning with the California gold rush in 1849. People from all over the world flocked to California with hopes of the American Dream by striking gold. The gold diggers expressed a need for a durable trouser. The merchants from the East coast eagerly met this demand. They shipped textiles to the West coast which allowed for the manufacture of "tougher and longer lasting wear" for the miners. Being similar to the cotton canvas fabric, it was relatively inexpensive, easy to handle, and sturdy. This development led to the introduction of the indigo-dyed cotton twill fabric which resulted in the denim. Since those humble beginnings during the California gold rush, the popularity of the denim jean has broadened in appeal. Today, this long history eventually created various types of characteristics in denim wear depending on when and which era in its history.